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ICAO Low Intensity Obstruction Light | Type A & B | Avlite


• Low Intensity Type A & B Obstruction Light, ICAO Annex 14 Volume 1, ‘Aerodrome Design and Operations’, Fourth edition July 2004, table 6.3.


• ICAO LIOL Type A & B for marking obstacles that do not exceed 45 meters in height.

Ordering Codes

Product No. Model Color
AV-OL-ILAB 12: 12–48 VDC
UM: 110–240 VAC
R: Red
IR: Infrared
RIR: Combined Red/IR


• Cost effective, energy efficient obstruction lighting solution.
• Available in universal DC: will accept between 12–48VDC.
• Available in universal AC: will accept between 110-240VAC.
• User-adjustable intensity to toggle between ICAO LIOL Type A (10cd) & LIOL Type B (32cd).
• Alarm contact for remote monitoring.
• Light sensor for day/night operation.
• LED technology reduces maintenance time and costs.
• Easily retrofits with existing installations.
• Optional solar powered configurations available.
• Optional combined visual/IR for pilots using NVG.
• Optional RS422/485 communications port for monitoring DC version.

This Avlite light fixture is a steady burning, low intensity LED obstruction light designed to comply with ICAO LIOL Type A & B requirements. The model can be used for marking obstacles up to 45 meters above ground, such as telecommunication towers, wind turbines, buildings and other tall structures.

Avlite’s LED obstruction lights offer an ultra bright, energy efficient and cost effective lighting solution. Adjustable intensity settings allow the user to easily toggle between 10cd (Type A) and 32cd (Type B).

The light fixture is available in two configurations, universal DC (12-48VDC) or universal AC (110-240VAC).

The advanced light optic uses a single LED for minimal power consumption. The corrosion resistant, polycarbonate lens is specifically designed for use with LEDs to maximize light intensity and uniformity.

The light fixture incorporates internal diagnostic checking and an alarm contact for remote monitoring. The alarm relay is energized in normal operation and is released whenever the LED is not lit.

The unit is available with either a 3/4 or 1 inch thread type – making it simple to retrofit with existing installations.

The obstruction light is also available with combined visual and infrared (IR) for visibility to pilots using night vision.

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