I-Lux Taxiway and Runway Signs | FAA L-858

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Compliance and Applications

FAA AC 15/5345-44 (Current Edition)
FAA Engineering Brief No. 67

Our I-Lux signs solidly and seamlessly integrate off-the-shelf parts and custom fabrication for strength and flexibility while minimizing operating costs.


• Solid, seamless construction for strength and reliable performance.
• Lowest VA loads: Most efficient ETL Certified L-858 signs available.
• Quick, simple and less expensive to install.
• Bright, clear panels are highly impact resistant.
• Uses off-the-shelf MR16 lamps (lamp life ±10,000 hours) with no tools required for re-lamping.
• Style U passive, non-inductive control provides near-unity power factors on all regulator steps.

Ordering Codes

ModelSign SizePower StyleLamp TypeModules (length in inches)Sign FacesOptional ItemsMode
I: ILUX1: Size 1
2: Size 2
3: Size 3
5: Size 5
2: Style 2 (3 step 4.8A to 6.6A)
3: Style 3 (5 step 2.8A to 6.6A)
4: Style 4 (unlighted)
5: Style 5 (1 step 5.5A)
G: Coil & Shunt w/ MR16 Lamp (Style 2)
C: Coil w/ MR16 Lamp (Style 5)
N: Unlighted
U: Tapswitch w/ MR16 Lamp (Style 2, 3)
        Size 1       Size 2       Size 3       Size 5       
1.0:  32.5"  38.5"  45.00"  32.5"  
1.5:  47.6"  56.5"  66.25"  
2.0:  62.5"  74.5"  87.50"  
2.5:  77.6"  92.5"  108.75"  
3.0:  92.5"  110.5"  130.00"  
3.5:  107.6"  128.5"  151.75"  
4.0:  122.5"  146.5"  172.25"  
SF: Single Face
DF: Double Face
1: On/Off Switch (with cover)
P: View Port
S: LED Lamp Out Indicator
E: External Power Cord (Not ETL Certified)
MX: FAA size panel & frame, ICAO specified legend, illumination & retroreflective (Not ETL Certified)
3: Mode 3 (if blank = Mode 2)
All signs are Class 2.


The platform for the I-Lux is a cabinet machined from solid, heavy gauge aluminum extrusion. Monolithic tops and bottoms are impervious to blowing rains, dirt, and snow because they are free of the gaps found in signs of modular construction. The I-Lux is inherently stronger than modular signs because it doesn't rely on the strength of the hardware used to piece modular signs together.

The I-Lux L-858 is the only airfield sign available in half module sizing. This keeps it as short as possible, though well within FAA legend specifications. Installation is quick and economical, with a smaller excavation, less concrete and fewer legs to bolt to the pad.

The I-Lux is a smaller obstruction in the field than modular signs, presenting less inertial load on an aircraft should a collision occur.

The seamless panels of the I-Lux display messages without distortion. They are free of the gaps and joints that weaken modular signs and allow penetration by wind, rain, dirt and snow. Bright and clear, I-Lux panels are up to 30 times more impact resistant than other brands.

Bringing light to the I-Lux are commercial off-the-shelf MR16 lamps. Changing the lamp is easy with no tools required - the cabinet stays closed up tight. Lamp life is approximately 10,000 hours - that makes over 2 years at 12 hours a day - so they won't be replaced often.

There are no expensive proprietary lamp replacements, when new lamps are needed, replacements are as close as the nearest hardware store.

The base model brightness controls use technology that has been proven for years in the field. Better, the I-Lux also features a Style U power control system - a passive non-inductive design that exhibits unity power factors on all regulator steps.

Tried and true, the I-Lux is the solid and sensible choice for hassle-free longevity.

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