Honeywell Frangible Couplings

Made in the USA flag

66 961

2" Frangible Coupling (Part # 66-961)

Without powder coat.

66 961O

2" Frangible Coupling - Orange (Part # 66-961O)

Powder coat orange.

66 961Y

2" Frangible Coupling - Yellow (Part # 66-961Y)

Powder coat yellow.

FL FC1.5

Frangible Coupling, 1-1/2" Thread (Part # FL-FC1.5)

For 1" diameter riser, 1-1/2" thread for 1935 baseplate. Thread: 1-1/2-12 UNF-2A
Powder Coat Colors: Yellow (-Y), Red (-R), Marine Treated (-MT)

FL-FC1.5 drawing

66 961AT

Frangible Coupling for 2" N.P.T. EMT (Part # 75-59E or 66-961AT)

For approach lights RAW w/ squeezer to 66-961AT.

66 961AG

Frangible Coupling for 2" N.P.T. EMT (Part # 66-961AG)

For edge lighting w/ squeezer, yellow painted.

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