FAA L-868 Light Base, Mud Plates, Flange Rings, Spacers, Extensions, and Two Part Base Cans

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Compliance and Applications

FAA: AC 150/5345-42H, L-868 Load Bearing

Our FAA approved, load bearing light bases are designed for locations which experience aircraft and other heavy vehicular loading. The base typically supports an in-pavement light fixture and houses a powering isolation transformer. It can also be used solely as a junction box or transformer housing.

Load Bearing Standard FAA L-868 Sizes:
A = 9″ dia. (7-1/4″ bolt circle)
B = 12″ dia. (11-1/4″ bolt circle)
C = 15″ dia. (14-1/4″ bolt circle)

Standard Height: 24″

Material: Hot dipped galvanized steel standard.

Conduit Openings: Grommets to accommodate 2″ PVC standard. Hubs available. Other opening sizes are available.

L868 conduit positions
Conduit Locations: Locations are designated based on a 360 degree circle as follows:
0° and 180° are standard. All conduit locations must be specified at time of order. Center of standard opening is 2-1/2″ above the bottom of the light base.

Shipping Info: Shipped with 6 stainless steel bolts and a protective 1/2″ thick plywood cover.

Options: Must be specified.
• Grounding: Grounding straps must be specified at time of order. Internal, external or both are available.
• Drain holes: 3/4″ drain hole standard. Other sizes available. Please specify.
• Other options: Please specify as needed.

Ordering Codes

Type Configuration Conduit Openings Options
Size/Material/Dia./Height Type Standard Locations Ground Strap Drain Hole Other
30-868 A: Steel/9″ Dia./24″ Height
B: Steel/12″ Dia./24″ Height
C: Steel/15″ Dia./24″ Height
G: Grommets for 2″ PVC
H: Hubs for 2″ PVC
J: Special grommet size
K: Special hub size
2: (0°/180°)
3: (0°/90°/180°)
4: (0°/90°/180°/270°)
S: (Specify, extra cost)
0: None
I: Internal
E: External
Q: Internal & External
0: None
D: 3/4″ hole
E: 1″ hole
S: Specify
0: None
S: Specify

L868 installation configurationL868 mudplates

L-868 Mud Plates

• Usually shipped installed on base.
• Steel construction with hot dip galvanized finish.

L868 y flange

L-868 Y Flange Rings (Concrete Ring)

• Height: 3/8″ to 3/4″.
• Steel construction, zinc plated with O.D. wash.
• Gasket sold separately.

L868 spacers extensions

L-868 Spacers and Extensions

• Spacer height: 1/16″ to 1-7/8″
• Extension height: 2″ to 8″.
• Steel construction with hot dip galvanized finish.
• Gasket sold separately.

L868 two part base cansL868 two part base cans

L-868 Two Part Base Cans

• Facilitates overlay paving.
• Steel construction with hot dip galvanized finish.

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