FAA L-867 Light Base, Base Plates, Blank Covers, Spacers, Extensions and Mounting Stakes

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Compliance and Applications

FAA: AC 150/5345-42H: L-867 Non-Load Bearing

Our FAA approved, non-load bearing light bases are designed for locations which experience occasional light vehicular loading, but no aircraft or other heavy vehicular load. The base typically supports an elevated taxiway light fixture and houses a powering isolation transformer. It can also be used solely as a junction box or transformer housing.

Non-Load Bearing Standard FAA L-867 Sizes:
B=12″ diameter (10-1/4″ bolt circle)
D=16″ diameter (14-1/4″ bolt circle)
E=24″ diameter (21-1/2″ bolt circle)

Standard Height: 24″

Material: Hot dipped galvanized steel standard. Also available in PVC, adjustable PVC and adjustable steel.

Conduit Openings: Grommets to accommodate 2″ PVC standard. Hubs available. Other opening sizes are available.

L867 conduit positions
Conduit Locations: Locations are designated based on a 360 degree circle as follows: 0° and 180° are standard. All conduit locations must be specified at time of order. Center of standard opening is 2-1/2″ above the bottom of the light base.

Shipping Info: Shipped with 6 stainless steel bolts and a protective 1/2″ thick plywood cover.

Options: Must be specified.
• Grounding: Grounding straps must be specified at time of order. Internal, external or both are available.
• Drain holes: 3/4″ drain hole standard. Other sizes available. Please specify.
• Other options: Please specify as needed.

Ordering Codes

Type Configuration Conduit Openings Options
Size/Material/Dia./Height Type Standard Locations Ground Strap Drain Hole Other
30-867 B: Steel/12″ Dia./24″ Height
D: Steel/16″ Dia./24″ Height
E: Steel/24″ Dia./24″ Height
S: Specify, for example PVC/Diameter/Height
G: Grommets for 2″ PVC
H: Hubs for 2″ PVC
J: Special grommet size
K: Special hub size
2: (0°/180°)
3: (0°/90°/180°)
4: (0°/90°/180°/270°)
S: (Specify, extra cost)
0: None
I: Internal
E: External
Q: Internal & External
0: None
D: 3/4″ hole
E: 1″ hole
S: Specify
0: None
S: Specify

L867 baseplate configL867 base plate ordering codes

L-867 Base Plate

• Mounts on an L-867 Size B, D or E light base to allow the installation of an elevated light.
• 12″ (10.25″ B.C.) and 16″ (14.25″ B.C.) diameter base plates with 1.5″ NF or 2″ NPS tap.
• Corten aluminum or steel construction with aviation yellow enamel finish.
• Included: Neoprene gasket (P/N 30-2052), steel L-830 secondary cable clamp and connector screws.

L867 spacers extensions

L-867 Spacers and Extensions

• Spacer height: 1/16″ to 1-7/8″.
• Extension height: 2″ to 8″.
• Steel construction with hot dip galvanized finish.
• Gasket sold separately (P/N 30-2052).

L867 blank cover drawingL867 blank cover ordering codes

L-867 Blank Cover

• Mounts on an L-867 light base when it is used as a junction box or transformer housing.
• Steel construction with hot dip galvanized finish.
• Specify thickness in number of 1/16’s: .375″ (6/16), .5″ (8/16), .625″ (10/16), .75″ (12/16), 1″ (16/16), 1.25″ (20/16).
• Bolts and gaskets sold separately.

L867 mounting stakeL867 Mounting Stake ordering codes

Mounting Stake

• Mounting stake is driven into the ground to provide a stable base for elevated lights.
• 3.5″ diameter hub with 1.5″ NF or 2″ NPS tap and 30″ long 3/16″ steel angle.
• Cable clamp and (3) 10-24 stainless steel screws included.

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