EMS Helipad Kit AV-HP-G-EMSKIT | Avlite


• Range in excess of 2 miles (4km)
• Easy to configure and deploy
• Long-life, user-replaceable battery
• Ultra-high intensity LEDs
• Magnetic bases hold the lights securely in place
• Easy-to-handle case
• Robust, high impact and lightweight construction
• IP67 waterproof rating
• ON/OFF switch for easy activation
• Flashing white light with integrated IR (infrared) provides NVG signature

The Avlite EMS portable helipad lighting kit is ideal for medivac and other emergency situations where a temporary landing area is needed and can be easily configured and deployed to suit local requirements.

The helipad lights have a minimum range of 2 miles (4km) and an autonomy in excess of 750 hours. The standard kit contains four steady burning green lights and one flashing white visible/IR (infrared) light.

The Avlite EMS Helipad Kit provides temporary lighting at emergency landing zones. The lights have a strong magnetic base to hold them securely on the steel base plates provided, preventing them from being dislodged by rotor wash. The steel plates come in high visibility aviation yellow.

The batteries are easily replaced by the user and the kit comes standard with high powered, readily available, air alkaline batteries.

All components are neatly housed in a sturdy storage case on wheels for easy and convenient transportation.

The EMS Helipad kit consists of:

• 4 x steady-on green helipad lights
• 1 x flashing white with IR helipad light
• 5 x steel mounting plates
• Storage case

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