AZT-Nickel Anti-Seize Tape (Dissimilar Metals and Stainless Steel)

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AZT-Nickel Tape

AZT-Nickel Tape is a unique lubricating product that blends nickel flakes with PTFE and PTFE resins. PTFE is an excellent lubricant, and with the additive nickel flakes, helps to prevent seizing and galling of threaded components, even stainless steel. The combination of PTFE and nickel gives the precise amount of lubrication to provide protection from corrosive substances and dirt while maintaining a clean, non-greasy assembly.


• Discourages seizing and galling.
• Inhibits corrosion, rusting, galvanic pitting.
• Resists strong alkaline solutions, most chemical and acid vapors, road salt, steam, iodized water.
• Suitable for stainless steel light bases, frangible couplings, light base bolts.
• Will not squeeze out or rub off.
• No-mess - apply tape from plastic spool.
• Neat and clean - carry it in your pocket.
• Temperature range: -450°F to 2600°F.
• Available in two sizes: 1/2" x 600", 3/4" x 600"

Ordering Codes

Part NumberDescription
80-32600-NiAZTAZT-Nickel Tape 1/2" x 600"
80-48600-NiAZTAZT-Nickel Tape 3/4" x 600"

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