AV420-RC Radio-Controlled Solar Airfield Light | Avlite

OBSOLETE: Only Available for Replacement of Existing Systems


• Runway Edge
• Helipad Edge
• Threshold
• Approach (Strobe & Fixed)
• Obstruction

Major Features

• Integrated solar/battery system
• 4 x 4 watt solar modules
• 20Ah SLA battery (user-replaceable)
• IP68 water and dust proof
• Global 2.4GHz radio control
• Rugged all aluminum chassis construction
• Full 3 year 100% product warranty
• Optional dual mode visible/infrared output
• Optional GSM remote monitoring and pilot activation

Avlite Systems' AV420-RC is a robust, completely self-contained remote controlled LED light designed for a range of aviation applications including runway, threshold and approach lighting. When set up as a complete airfield, this fully functioning lighting system can be controlled from the tower with no costly cabling or trenching required.

In addition, the AV420-RC system has no other infrastructure, special equipment or expertise requirements for installation. Lower capital and zero maintenance costs are also amongst the major benefits of Avlite's AV420-RC lighting system.

The AV420 Solar Runway Edge Light is ICAO compliant for use in aerodromes with either extraneous lighting (50cd), or without extraneous lighting (25cd), and is capable of creating a temporary, portable or permanent 24hr airfield.

The tough polycarbonate lens is specifically designed for use with LEDs, and the patented internal 360° Omnidirectional LED Reflector ensures consistency of light output and intensity. The sectored approach light directs all the light output to 180 degrees.

The unit is designed to offer years of maintenance-free reliable service in the world's harshest environments.

The AV420 Solar Runway Edge Light meets the requirements of ICAO Annex 14 Volume 1, "Aerodrome Design and Operations", Fourth edition July 2004.
- Runway Edge - para. 5.3.9 runway edge light - non-precision
- Threshold - para. 5.3.10, 5.3.11 threshold light or end light
- Approach - para. & B, for use as non-instrument or non-precision simple approach lighting system
- Obstruction - para. 6.3.11 for use as low-intensity Type A or Type B obstacle light

Radio Control

Avlite Systems' AV420-RC enables users to directly control the operation of singular or groups of airfield lights via a 2.4GHz handheld transceiver or PC interface.
• Control groups of lights independently
• Activate and deactivate lights
• Change light colors remotely
• Switch between infrared and visible light
• Set lights to group flash synchronization.

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