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AV09-4WL Solar Windsock Light Kit | Avlite

Typical Applications

• Solar Windsock Light Kit

Major Benefits

• Integrated solar/battery system
• 120 watt solar module (standard)
• 96Ah SLA battery (standard)

Avlite Systems’ AV09-4WL Solar Windsock Light provides users with a complete, reliable and low maintenance solution to windsock illumination.

This complete windsock lighting kit incorporates four (4) AV09 lights mounted onto 12mm powder-coated square tubing arms, a 120 watt multicrystalline solar module and mounting bracket, and 96Ah SLA battery housed in a rotationally molded weatherproof battery box with galvanized lockable cage for improved security.

Each AV09 light incorporates a 3 watt ultra-high intensity LED as a light source offering up to 100,000 hours of service- no need to change any globes! And with low power consumption and external sun-switch for automatic night activation, the AV09-4WL is a fantastic alternative to traditional hard-wired or fluorescent products.

The AV09-4WL can be installed immediately, facing either down over the top of the windsock, or upward from beneath, and requires no costly underground wiring. The complete kit comes packaged in a 155x69x76cm pallet for ease of shipping- a complete unit ready for immediate installation!

Available with GSM Monitoring

GSM enables operators to remotely monitor the status of their installations, and can be configured to send out warning SMS text messages to designated mobile telephone numbers.

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