Airfield Lamps

Airfield Lamps Figure 1

Part NumberMOLWattDescriptionLamp Life (hrs)case
LA-12V/20W1.5"(T2.5)20Qtz Lamp Assembly (for LOVA signs)2000N/A
Airfield Lamps Figure 2

Part NumberMOLWattDescriptionLamp Life (hrs)case
LA-114781.75"(T3.5)306.6A, EXL, Qtz, T3.5, GZ9.5, 1.75". Application: L861. Substitution: ADB: 48A0085, Crouse Hinds: 40737, Honeywell: LA30C66QT4J, Osram: 58779, Phillips: 6112.100024
LA-114821.75"(T3.5)456.6A, EXM, Qtz, T3.5, GZ9.5, 1.75". Application: L861. Substitution: ADB: 48A0083, Crouse Hinds: 40732, Osram: 58775, Philips*: 6134.100024
Airfield Lamps Figure 3

Part NumberMOLWattDescriptionLamp Life (hrs)case
LA-100992.5"(T4)1206.6A, EVV, Qtz, T4, GZ9.5, 2.5". Application: L861SE, L862. Substitution: ADB: 48A0069, Crouse Hinds: 20058, Philips*: 6128.50024
LA-114272.5"(T4)1506.6A, EWR, Qtz, T4, GZ9.5, Bi-Pin, 2.5". Application: L862. Substitution: ADB: 48A0044, Crouse Hinds: 40925, Osram: 58777, Phillips: 6292.50024
LA-152432.5"(T4)2006.6A, EZL, Qtz, T4, GZ9.5, bi-pin, 2.5". Application: FLI L862. Substitution: ADB: 48A0145, Osram: 58789, Philips*: 6372.50024
LA-407022.5"(T4)2006.6A, Q200T4/CL, GY9.5. Application: L850, L862E, and CH PAPI. Substitution: ADB: 48A0088, Crouse Hinds: 20172, Crouse Hinds: 20531, Osram: 58750, Philips*: 6372.50012
LA-409252.5"(T4)1506.6A, EWR, Qtz, GZ9.550024
Airfield Lamps Figure 4

Part NumberMOLWattDescriptionLamp Life (hrs)case
LA-61341.85"(T4)456.6A EXM, Bi-pin, GZ9.51500100
LA-62922.44"(T4)1506.6A, EWR, GY9.5, Qtz, 2.44". Application: L862. Substitution: ADB: 48A0044, Crouse Hinds: 40925, GE: 11427, Osram: 58777.750100
LA-6372LL2.44"(T4)2006.6A, EZL, Bi-pin, GZ9.5, T4, Qtz, 2.44". Application: FLI L862. Substitution: ADB: 48A0088, Crouse Hinds: 20172, GE: 40702, Osram: 58750.1300100
Airfield Lamps Figure 5

Part NumberMOLWattDescriptionLamp Life (hrs)case
LA-885259-1/4"(T20)1000120V, 1M/T20/BP, Mogul Bi-Post (G38), 9-1/4". Application: Beacon Lamp.25012
Airfield Lamps Figure 6

Part NumberMOLWattDescriptionLamp Life (hrs)case
LA-63431.85"(T4)1006.6A, G6.35, Qtz, 1.85". Application: L850 - ZA140 series. Substitution: Osram: 64346.1200100
LA-63731.85"(T4)2006.6A, G6.35, Qtz, 1.85". Application: FLI PAPI. Substitution: Osram: 64386.1200100
LA-J1/571.85"(T4)456.6A, G6.35, Qtz, T4, 1.85". Application: ZA202, L852 - ZA230. Substitution: Osram: 64321, Philips*: 6123.1200100
LA-J1/751.85"(T4)366.6A, G6.35, Qtz1200100
Airfield Lamps Figure 7

Part NumberMOLWattDescriptionLamp Life (hrs)
LA-590792.3"(T4)1506.6A, PK30d, T4, Qtz, male flat connectors, 2.26". Substitution: Osram: 58724.1000
LA-64341Z2.3"(T4)1006.6A, PK30d, male leads1500
LA-J1/802.3"(T4)1006.6A, PK30d, male leads, T4, 2.3". Application: L850. Substitution: Philips*: 6116.1500
Airfield Lamps Figure 8

Part NumberMOLWattDescriptionLamp Life (hrs)case
LA-6130LL2.3"(T4)456.6A, PK30d, female leads2000100
LA-6118LL2.3"(T4)1506.6A, PK30d, female leads2000100
Airfield Lamps Figure 9

Part NumberMOLWattDescriptionLamp Life (hrs)case
LA-6303LL2.283"456.6A, Pk30d, male leads, 2.28". Substitution: Osram: 64317.2000100
LA-6313LL2.283"2006.6A, PK30d, male leads, 2.44". Application: Honeywell, ADB PAPI, ATG ZA420. Substitution: Crouse Hinds: 10047-2477, GE: 80590, HA-GEX0044, Osram: 64382.1000100
LA-6392LL2.283"1506.6A, PKX30d, male leads2000100
Airfield Lamps Figure 10

Part NumberMOLWattDescriptionLamp Life (hrs)case
LA-144732-3/8"(T4)456.6A, Qtz, DCR50012
LA-238602-3/8"(T4)2006.6A, Qtz, T4/DCR, BA15d, Qtz. Application: L850/PA for PAPI's. Substitution: ADB: 48A0041, Crouse Hinds: 20268, Osram: 58746.50012
Airfield Lamps Figure 11

Part NumberMOLWattDescriptionLamp Life (hrs)case
Airfield Lamps Figure 13

Part NumberMOLWattDescriptionLamp Life (hrs)case
LA-61421.77"(MR16)626.6A, MR16, Bi-Pin, GX5.3, 1.77". Substitution: Crouse Hinds: 20590.1500100
LA-205901-7/8"(MR16)626.6A, MR16, without leads
LA-208391-7/8"(MR16)50Q50MR16/NSP-12V, MR16/C/NSP15. Application: AGM Signs, 2-Pin (GX5.3), Qtz, 1-7/8". Substitution: AGM: 9Q.600020
LA-230711-7/8"(MR16)456.6A, MR16, EZC100020
Airfield Lamps Figure 14

Part NumberMOLWattDescriptionLamp Life (hrs)case
LA-648261-7/8"(MR16)50MR16, 230V. Application: HL-292 heliport fixture.2000
Airfield Lamps Figure 15

Part NumberMOLWattDescriptionLamp Life (hrs)case
LA-0080841-7/8"(MR16)50MR16, 120V, 1-7/8". Application: ZA292/120V. Substitution ATR: Q50M16GU10/NFL25.200015
Airfield Lamps Figure 16

Part NumberMOLWattDescriptionLamp Life (hrs)case
LA-0080651-7/8"(MR16)48/496.6A, MR16, twin male leads, MR16, Qtz, 1-7/8". Application: ZA181/280/292 series. Substitution: Philips*: 6106.1500
LA-0080721-7/8"(MR16)1056.6A, MR16, twin male leads1500
LA-61041.46"(MR11)406.6A, MR11, twin male leads, 1.46". Application: ZA280 switchable. Substitution: Osram: 64333C.1500100
Airfield Lamps Figure 17

Part NumberMOLWattDescriptionLamp Life (hrs)case
LA-0080751-7/8"(MR16)1056.6A, MR16, twin female leads, 1-7/8". Application: ZA480/483 series. Substitution: Osram: 64339-A, Phillips: 6105.1500
LA-0080791-7/8"(MR16)486.6A, MR16, twin female leads1500
LA-206241-7/8"(MR16)626.6A, MR16, 12" twin female leads
LA-6101LL1.77"(MR16)486.6A, MR16, twin female leads, 1.77". Substitution: ADB: 2990-40-827, Crouse Hinds: 21116, Osram: 64337A48-15.2500100
LA-61051.77"(MR16)1056.6A, MR16, twin female leads, 1.77". Substitution: ADB: 2990-40-900, Osram: 64339-A.1000100
LA-6141(MR16)626.6A, MR16, twin female leads1500100
Airfield Lamps Figure 18

Part NumberMOLWattDescriptionLamp Life (hrs)case
LA-61381.77"(MR16)486.6A, MR16, male/female leads, 1.77". Substitution: Osram: 64338, Philips*: 6138.500100
LA-LA0000041-7/8"(MR16)1056.6A, MR16, male/female leads, insulating sleeve, 1-7/8". Substitution: Osram: 58960.1000
Airfield Lamps Figure 19

Part NumberMOLWattDescriptionLamp Life (hrs)case
LA-7654H3.85"(T10)456.6A, T10/1P, P28s, 3.85". Application: FLI L861. Substitution: Osram: 17981.2000100
LA-7669H3.85"(T10)306.6A, T10/1P, P28s, 3.85". Application: FLI L861. Substitution: Osram: 17980.2000100
Airfield Lamps Figure 20

Part NumberMOLWattDescriptionLamp Life (hrs)case
LA-232943-15/16"(T10)306.6A, T10/1P, P28S, 3-15/16". Application: L861. Substitution: ADB: 48A0006, Crouse Hinds: 10047.100060
LA-232953-15/16"(T10)456.6A, T10/1P, P28S, 3-15/16". Application: L861, L858 Non-LOW VA Signs. Substitution: ADB: 48A0007, Crouse Hinds: 10047.100060
Airfield Lamps Figure 21

Part NumberMOLWattDescriptionLamp Life (hrs)case
LA-233005.75"(T14)2046.6A, T14/2P, P28S, 5.75". Application: MIL Type C-1, HIRW (L862). Substitution: ADB: 48A0013, Crouse Hinds: 10047.50024
Airfield Lamps Figure 22

Part NumberMOLWattDescriptionLamp Life (hrs)case
LA-103875.25", PAR38120120V, PAR38
LA-159375.25", PAR38456.6A, PAR38, E26/50x39, 5.31" (D=4.75"). Application: Windcone.80012
LA-161385.3"(D=4.75")PAR3875120V, PAR38, E26, Qtz, 5.3"(D=4.75"). Application: Windcone floodlight, LGW/WCB Windcones. Substitution: 75PARCAPSPLFL30130V, Osram: 75W/120VPAR38 Flood.2500
LA-186315.31", PAR38100100PAR38/HIR/FL25300012
Airfield Lamps Figure 23

Part NumberMOLWattDescriptionLamp Life (hrs)case
LA-233104.5"(D=7")PAR56456.6A, PAR56/5, Screw Terminals, 4.5"(D=7"). Substitution: ADB: 48A0033, Crouse Hinds: 10047-2167.100012
LA-238634.5"(D=7")PAR56500Q20A, PAR56/350012
LA-328614.5"(D=7")PAR56300Q20A, PAR56/250012
LA-PAR56/120W/H4.5"(D=7")PAR56120Strobe, PAR56100012
LA-PAR56/34.5"(D=7")PAR56200Q6.6A, PAR56/3
Airfield Lamps Figure 24

Part NumberMOLWattDescriptionLamp Life (hrs)case
LA-154825"(D=7")PAR56300Q20A, PAR56/C50012
LA-154855"(D=7")PAR56500Q20A, PAR56/1/C, Qtz, Mogul End Prong (GX16d), 5"(D=7"). Substitution: ADB: 48A0092, Crouse Hinds: 10047-685.50012
LA-382715"(D=7")PAR56200Q6.6A, PAR56/2100012
Airfield Lamps Figure 25

Part NumberMOLWattDescriptionLamp Life (hrs)case
LA-132244.5"(D=8")PAR64200Q6.6A, PAR64/2P, Mogul End Prong (GX16d), Qtz, 4.5"(D=8"). Application: VASI. Substitution: ADB: 48A0017, Crouse Hinds: 10047-365, NSN: 6240-01-456-208.20006
Airfield Lamps Figure 26

Part NumberMOLWattDescriptionLamp Life (hrs)case
LA-116W/230V(A21)116230V, A21, screw base. Application: Obstruction light.8000
LA-12496-14.37"(A21)69120V, 69A21/TS, screw base, 4.37". Substitution: GE: 17323.8000
LA-163854-3/8"(A21)5050A21, 30V(sign)1000120
LA-22483-24.44"(A21)116120V, A21/TS, screw base, 4.44". Application: Obstruction light. Substitution: LH116120GE.8000
LA-974704-7/16"(A19)4040A/CL, 24PK, 120V, A19, E26, 4.43"(D=2.375"). Substitution: ATR: 13863, GE: 12311.1500120
Airfield Lamps Figure 27

Part NumberMOLWattDescriptionLamp Life (hrs)case
LA-2195010-7/16"(PS40)620620PS40P, 120V, PS40P. Application: L864 Beacon. Substitution: ADB: 48A0180, HA-LH620120GE, NSN: 6240-00-295-0901.300024
LA-70012010-7/16"(PS40)700700PS40P, 120V
LA-70023010-7/16"(PS40)700700PS40P, 230V8000
Airfield Lamps Figure 28

Part NumberMOLWattDescriptionLamp Life (hrs)case
Airfield Lamps Figure 29

Part NumberMOLWattDescriptionLamp Life (hrs)case
Airfield Lamps Figure 30

Part NumberMOLWattDescriptionLamp Life (hrs)case

T=Tube. Multiply T# by 1/8" to get diameter.
* Philips (DBA Narva)

Philips Sells Airfield Lamp Business

Philips airfield lamps will now be marked with the brand name of NARVA. This will be a gradual process due to stocks of lamps, which are still marked with Philips. All NARVA lamps will be manufactured to the same high-quality standards at same German production lines.

If you don't see what you need - call us and we will find it for you!

Flight Light stocks lamps for all airport lighting applications: runway, taxiway, approach, helipad, obstruction. We sell only first quality name-brand lamps, including GE, Osram/Sylvania, Philips (DBA Narva) and Amglo.

Lamp Life

Lamp life rating is the point in time when 50% of the tested samples have burned out and 50% still shine.

Lumens, Candlepower, Footcandles

In lighting, the basic unit for the amount of light produced by a light source is called a lumen. As with any unit of measure, the lumen must be related to some physical standard. A candle of specific composition and size serves this purpose and is said to emit one candlepower. If this candle were placed at the center of a sphere having a radius of one foot, one lumen, by definition, would fall on each square foot of the sphere's surface. Since, from geometry, the total surface area of a one-foot radius sphere is 12.57 square feet, there are 12.57 lumens given off by the standard candle. One lumen falling on 1 square foot of a surface produces illumination of one footcandle.

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