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Federal Aviation Administration

Air Traffic Control System Command Center

Federal Aviation Administration

FAA Advisory Circulars
L-801 Beacons, Medium Intensity (AC 150/5345-12)
L-802 Beacons, High Intensity (AC 150/5345-12)
L-804 Light, Holding Position Edge (AC 150/5345-46)
L-806 Wind Cones, Frangible (AC 150/5345-27)
L-807 Wind Cones, Rigid (AC 150/5345-27)
L-810 Lights, Obstruction (AC 150/5345-43)
L-821 Panel, Airport Lighting Control (AC 150/5345-3)
L-823 Connectors, Cable (AC 150/5345-26)
L-824 Underground Electrical Cable for Airport Lighting Circuits (AC 150/5345-7)
L-827 Monitors, Regulator (AC 150/5345-10)
L-828 Regulators, Constant Current (AC 150/5345-10)
L-829 Regulators, Monitored Constant Current (AC 150/5345-10)
L-830 Isolation Transformers, 60Hz (AC 150/5345-47)
L-831 Isolation Transformers, 50Hz (AC 150/5345-47)
L-841 Cabinet, Auxiliary Relay (AC 150/5345-13)
L-847 Switch, Circuit Selector (AC 150/5345-5)
L-849 Lights, Runway End Identification (AC 150/5345-51)
L-850 Lights, Runway, Inpavement (AC 150/5345-46)
L-852 Lights, Taxiway, Inpavement (AC 150/5345-46)
L-853 Markers, Retroreflective (AC 150/5345-39)
L-854 Radio Controls (AC 150/5345-49)
L-856 Lights, Obstruction, High Intensity, White, 40 FPM (AC 150/5345-43)
L-857 Lights, Obstruction, High Intensity, White, 60 FPM (AC 150/5345-43)
L-858 Signs, Runway and Taxiway (AC 150/5345-44)
L-859 Lights, Flashing, Omnidirectional (AC 150/5345-51)
L-860 Lights, Runway Edge, Low Intensity (AC 150/5345-46)
L-861 Lights, Runway & Taxiway Edge, Medium Intensity (AC 150/5345-46)
L-862 Lights, Runway Edge, High Intensity (AC 150/5345-46)
L-863 Lights, Portable Runway (AC 150/5345-50)
L-864 Lights, Obstruction, Red, 20-40 FPM (AC 150/5345-43)
L-865 Lights, Obstruction, Medium Intensity, White, 40 FPM (AC 150/5345-43)
L-866 Lights, Obstruction, Medium Intensity, White, 60 FPM (AC 150/5345-43)
L-867 Light Base, Non-Load Bearing (AC 150/5345-42)
L-868 Light Base, Load Bearing (AC 150/5345-42)
L-880 Precision Approach Path Indicator (AC 150-5345-28)
L-881 Abbreviated Precision Approach Path Indicator (AC 150/5345-28)
L-882 Generic Visual Approach Descent Indicator (AC 150/5345-52)
L-883 Generic Visual Approach Descent Indicator (AC 150/5345-52)
L-884 Power and Control Unit for Land and Hold Short Lighting Systems (AC 150/5345-54)
L-885 Lights, Obstruction (AC 150/5345-43)
L-890 Airport Lighting Control and Monitoring Systems (AC 150/5345-56)
Light Structure, Lightweight (AC 150/5345-45)

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