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ICAO Products

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Approach Lights

ICAO approach lighting systems

4.3: FAA L-849 White Flashing Runway End Identification Lights: (REIL's)


ICAO beacons

4.4.2: FAA L-801 HBM 150/2 Airport Rotating Beacon

4.4.3: FAA L-802A HBM 400PS Airport Rotating Beacon

4.4.5: FAA L-801H and L-802H HBM 150/3 Heliport Rotating Beacon

Elevated Lights

ICAO Elevated Lights

FAA L-861, L-861T, L-861E "MIEL" Medium Intensity Elevated Lights | Get Prices

FAA L-861T(L) IRIS LED Taxiway Edge Light (IR861T(L))

LED Taxiway Edge Light - FAA Compliant: L-861T (ZA216L) (Spare parts only)

High Intensity Elevated Approach Light - FAA Compliant: E-982 (ZA420)

ICAO Elevated Lights

1.8.0: ZA216 Taxiway Edge, Apron, Helipad & Low Intensity Runway Edge Light

1.8.1: ZA163 Runway Edge Light

1.8.2: ZA460 Runway Edge Light

1.8.3: ZA389L Low Intensity LED Runway Guard Light (RGL)

1.8.6: Apollo Hi Intensity Elevated LED Runway Guard Light (RGL)

1.8.7: Elevated Runway Guard Light - FAA Compliant: L-804 (RGL)

Inset Lights

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ICAO Inset Lights

2.1: High Intensity Runway Centerline & TDZ Inset Light - FAA Compliant: L-850A & B (ZA181)

2.2: High Intensity Runway & Threshold/End Inset Light - FAA Certified: L-850A; FAA Compliant: L-850B, C, D, E; L-852G, S (ZA480)

2.2.1: High Intensity Runway Edge, Threshold & End Inset Light - FAA Compliant: L-850C & D (ZA183, ZA188)

ICAO Inset Lights

Medium Intensity Taxiway Centerline Inset Light - FAA Compliant: L-852A, B, C & D (ZA280)

LED Taxiway Centerline & Stop Bar Light - FAA Compliant: L-852A & L-852C (ZA280)

FAA L-852T(L) IRIS 8" LED Taxiway & Apron Edge Inset Omni-Directional Light (IR852T)

Medium Intensity Taxiway Edge, Intersection Light - FAA Certified: L-852T; FAA Compliant: L-852E & F (ZA292)

Obstruction Lights

ICAO Obstruction LIghts

Low Intensity

Solar Obstruction Lights

Medium Intensity

High Intensity



ICAO regulators

3.0.9: Micro 100 CCR Microprocessor Controlled Constant Current Regulator - FAA Compliant: L-828

3.0.11: Micro 200 CCR Sinusoidal Range of Constant Current Regulators - FAA Compliant: L-828


ICAO signs

Clearway Taxiway Guidance Signs

Clearway LED Guidance Signs

Illuminated Runway Distance Marker

Stand Number Indicator & GPRS Boards

Runway Arrestor Gear Marker

ICAO I-Lux LED Taxiway and Runway Signs

Solar, Portable & Temporary Lighting

Solar, Portable & Temporary Lighting

4.7.4: Solar Series Portable LED Wind Cone

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Avlite Solar, Portable & Temporary Lighting

AV-OL-60 Red Solar Aviation Light | Get Prices

AV-OL-70 & AV-OL-70-HI Red Solar Aviation Light | Get Prices

AV70 & AV70-HI Solar Aviation Light | Get Prices

AV70 Ground Stake Mount

AV72 Radio-Controlled Solar Aviation Light

AV-OL-75 Solar Powered ICAO Type A Low Intensity Obstruction Light

AV310 & AV410 Solar Powered ICAO LIOL Type A

AV420-RC Radio-Controlled Solar Airfield Light (Obsolete)

AV425-RF Radio-Controlled Solar Aviation Light

Avlite Solar, Portable & Temporary Lighting

Radio-Controlled Solar-Powered Airfield Lighting

Solar Portable Airfield Lighting System (AV Solar PALS)

Avlite Solar, Portable & Temporary Lighting

AV23 Solar Obstruction Light


Wind Cones & Other Visual Aids

ICAO wind cones

FAA L-807 WCH Series Wind Cone - AC & Solar Powered (Rigid)

Solar Series Portable LED Wind Cone

Airport / Heliport Nylon Windsocks & Masts

FAA L-853 Runway-Taxiway Retroreflective Markers

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