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Auxiliary Relay Cabinet
Type: L-841

Spare Parts Only

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Type: L-841

Compliant with:
FAA Circular Advisory 150/5345-13A

The Auxiliary Relay Cabinet, Model GEA57, is an interface between control switches in the air traffic control towers, and other electrical equipment in the airfield. This enables the equipment to be controlled from long distances without the concern about voltage drop on the control lines. The auxiliary relay cabinet provides low voltage (48 V dc) sensitive, low burden pilot relay control, which acts as a switch to the higher burden relays that power runway and taxiway regulators, obstruction lights, wind cones, beacons and other electrical circuits in the airport lighting vault.

The auxiliary relay cabinet can control up to 20 outputs. Terminal boards for the 20 input connections consist of 40 terminals marked in pairs A-, A+ through T-, T+. The 20 relay contact controlled circuits consist of 80 terminals marked in pairs A1, A2 through +3 and +4. Extra 20 terminals that are also provided for the hook up of other non-relay connected circuits.

The auxiliary cabinet is modular in design. Plug-in relays on interconnect boards eliminate troublesome problems associated with "hard" wired cabinets while lowering overall production costs.

The unit is housed in a NEMA 1 enclosure with conduit knockouts for easy installation. The regulated DC power supply is protected from short circuits and transients. The relay schedule and wiring diagram are mounted on the interior of the cabinet door.

The Auxiliary Relay Cabinet can also be furnished to meet the requirements of MIL-P-8945, Type MC-1.


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