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Solar LED Sign Light

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Typical Applications
• Solar LED Sign Light

Major Benefits
• Area illumination
• Sign lighting
• Ultra high-intensity LEDs
• Extremely low maintenance
• Automatic night activation

Avlite System's Solar LED Sign Light is a remote solar-powered signage light specifically designed for airfield signage illumination.

The unit can be fitted with either 1 or 2 domed LED light fixtures, each featuring a 3 watt surface-mounted ultra-high intensity LED for maximum illumination with an even 120 degree light spread.

The light fixture also features a domed UV stabilized LEXAN® polycarbonate lens and base, and convenient mounting bracket ensuring flexibility and ease of installation.

The Power Box, consisting of a 20 watt multicrystalline solar module, 18Ah SLA battery and charge regulator, is made from 7-stage powder-coated aluminum making the unit extremely robust. The Solar LED Sign Light is designed to withstand a range of environmental conditions, and once installed requires minimal maintenance.

CASE STUDY: Solar powered airfield sign lights for remote air base
• The use of solar power allows this remote air base to externally light signs - eliminating the need to lay cabling.
• Self-contained, frangible airfield sign lights are suited to the harsh desert environment - making them reliable in all weather conditions.
• Minimal heat signature - pilots are able to safely navigate runways, taxiways and apron areas under night vision goggles (NVG) or unaided eye operating conditions.
• Designed to operate to military requirements - encrypted radio-control, custom designed aviation optical lens, 3-year warranty, and replaceable battery.
• Using clean, pollution-free energy from the sun to power the lights offers an eco-friendly lighting solution.

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