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AV125 Series
LED Obstruction Light

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• LED technology
• Made from tough, durable polycarbonate
• Solar powered option available
• GSM monitoring available
• GPS flash synchronization available
• RF control available

• ICAO Annex 14 Volume 1, 'Aerodrome Design and Operations', Fourth edition July 2004, Table 6.3

The AV125 has a minimum 32cd between 6 and 10 degrees, and can be used for marking obstacles with heights under 45 meters, in accordance with ICAO Annex 14, Chapter 6.

The AV125 is available as a self-contained solar-powered assembly, including solar array, sealed battery and charge controller, all housed in a weatherproof enclosure. Different size solar arrays are matched to the available sunlight at your location to ensure the unit runs reliably all year round.

The light is one of the most advanced LED aviation lights on the market. Utilizing the latest software and micro-circuitry developments, the light boasts a huge number of features including flash-memory and the most efficient power conversion available.

The tough polycarbonate lens is specifically designed for use with LEDs. The unit is sealed using polycarbonate bonding compounds similar to those used by major automobile manufacturing companies. This also enables a waterproof rating of IP68 - unmatched by other manufacturers.

The LEDs utilize the omnidirectional LED Reflector (US Pat. No. 6,667,582. AU Pat. No. 778,918) to increase the intensity and uniformity of the horizontal output.

Remote monitoring and control capabilities are available from the AV125 light allowing the performance of the units to be monitored from remote sites.

Systems status including battery condition and operational confirmation may be monitored through GSM, radio or satellite communications.

Once installed, the AV125 requires no operator intervention.

AV125 Obstruction LIghts

Avlite AV125
Letter of Attestation
ICAO type B
(PDF, 150KB)

Avlite Product
Compliance Matrix
(PDF, 140KB)

Avlite Customer
(PDF, 130KB)

Optional Features

GPS Synchronization
Avlite has utilized the latest advancements in GPS technology to develop an internal synchronization system that can be incorporated into the lights. Using overhead satellites, multiple obstruction lights set to the same flash pattern will flash in unison.

RF Synchronization
The AV125 Series of lights are also available with the option of RF Synchronization which allows the user to set lights to the same flash pattern. The lights are fitted with an internal RF module, which operates at a 2.4GHz frequency and has an operational range of 1.5 - 2km between two lights.

Synchronization is achieved via short-range RF communication between the lights, and relies on line-of-sight operation.

RF Control & Synchronization
The AV125 obstruction light is also available with RF control, whereby lights can be operated by a wireless handheld controller, which enables personnel to remotely activate and set specific characteristics of the AV125. Lights can be set to flash in synchronization, turn OFF, or adjust to steady-burn.

GSM Monitoring
Avlite Systems AV125 Series of products are available with optional GSM Monitoring, enabling operators to remotely monitor the status of their aviation installations, any time, any where. The system can also be configured to send out warning SMS text messages to designated cellular telephone numbers.

The GSM Monitoring System is a completely integrated module (housed internally within the light), designed to allow convenient monitoring of Avlite lights using a cellular telephone and web access from remote locations that have GSM network coverage. The unit has no external aerials - providing convenient installation and retaining the IP68 waterproof rating of the light.

To access the light diagnostics, the user simply sends the light a SMS text message command, and then receives an auto-reply SMS text message outlining the details. In addition, this information is accessible via the web - simply login at any Avlite website and access immediate information about your aviation installation. Historical data is also available from the website.

Major Benefits
• Access light diagnostics remotely - any time, any where via SMS text message
• All functions can be programmed/pre-programmed remotely
• Flexibility of user-setup
• Web server setup enables ease of access to light diagnostics and historical data via the web
• Pre-programmed alarm conditions automatically reported to designated cell phone numbers

Available Data from Remote Light
• Battery voltage
• Solar module charging current
• Light current draw
• Light position - latitude and longitude (if GPS fitted)
• Day/night on status
• Current flash setting
• Internal light PCB temperature: Normal/High

RF Control & Synchronization

GSM Monitoring

Avlite's AV125 complete assembly provides a total solution for all obstruction, hazard, perimeter and general lighting needs.

The unit is equipped with a standard AV125 light-head, and uses 36 ultra-high intensity LEDs as a light source. The solar modules charge the battery during daylight hours, and the light automatically begins operation at dusk - once the ambient light threshold drops sufficiently.

The assembly is available in a variety of solar/battery configurations to suit a range of installations and intensity settings, and ensures years of maintenance-free reliable service.


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