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Runway End
Identifier Light

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REIL LED: Runway End Identifier Light
• Radio controlled
• Output compliant with FAA L-849
• Fully portable battery powered REIL
• Extensive run time
• Rapid 'drop-in' charging

Metalite Aviation Lighting's LED Runway End Identifier Lights (REILs) consist of two strobe lights located at each side of the runway at the approach end. The main application of a REIL LED system is to identify the runway end or threshold of a visual or instrument non-precision runway.

Ergonomically constructed to endure all weather environments, the REIL LED is the most capable battery powered model of its class. Rapid 'drop-in' charging and extensive run times cut down on management and maintenance costs, improving the total cost of ownership.

Major Benefits
• Unique optical design: Improved light efficiency and battery running time
• Ergonomic and functional form: Robust weatherproofing for endurance and efficient LED cooling
• Drop-in charging: Quick and easy handling when charging is required for re-deployment
• Optional radio control with MESH network technology: Remote operation from airfield or ATC tower
• Semi-permanent fixing base: Stainless steel fixing plates for secure fixing to hard or soft ground (optional)


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