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L-810 LED
Steady-Burning Red
Obstruction Light

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Compliance and Applications
ETL Certified L-810:
FAA AC 150/5345-43G; EB-67D
Suitable for use in Class I, Div. 2, Groups A, B, C, D hazardous locations; T4A rated.

Compliant to:
ICAO Annex 14, Low Intensity Obstacle Light, Type B
Transport Canada CAR 621.19
DGAC of Mexico

Our L810LED omni-directional, red, steady-burning obstruction light is designed for marking tall structures such as buildings, towers, masts, cranes, meteorological towers, chimneys and other hazards to aircraft. This energy-saving LED light is a direct replacement for incandescent fixtures, providing years of reliable and maintenance-free operation. Available in single, double, and retrofit configurations; optional solar drive package.

Why Our L810LED is Better
• Direct replacement for existing incandescent light.
• Lasts up to 10 times longer than an incandescent light.
• Uses 96% less power than an incandescent light.
• No regular maintenance.
• Available in single and dual configurations with bottom or side conduit outlets.
• Can be operated in steady-burning or flashing mode (controller not supplied).
• Suitable for use in hazardous locations.
• Photocell option for automatic activation at night.
• Self-contained wiring compartment eliminates additional boxes.
• Weather/corrosion resistant.
• Resistant to shock and vibration.
• Operates from -67°F to 131°F (-55°C to +55°C).
• 5 year warranty.

• Power consumption: 1.8W (DC); 3.8W (AC)
• Power source: 120VAC, 208-277VAC, 12-48VDC
• Intensity: 32.5 candelas
• Dimensions: 5.5" dia. x 7.85" height (single)
• Weight: 2 lb. (single); 5 lb. (double)
• Estimated lifetime: 70,000+ hours
• Wind loading: Effective Projected Area of the L-810 with single mounting base is 23.125 square-inches

L-810 ETL
(PDF, 37KB)

ETL Certification
Hazardous Locations
(PDF, 41KB)

FL-L810LED Install &
Maintenance Manual
(PDF, 1.6MB)
FAA Obstruction Lighting Advisory Circular
FAA Obstruction Lighting Advisory Circular
(AC 70/7460-1L)
Red (FAA Style A)
FAA Style A
(PDF, 560KB)

Obstruction Lighting Controls
Lighting controls are designed for use when multiple obstruction light fixtures are to be controlled with common electronics. The electronic control module comes in a cast iron device box with threaded hubs on both top and bottom. Replacement modules (controls without device box) are also available upon request.

Model 81020 120VAC, 1000W photocell. FAA style photocells activate at 35 ft-cd and turn off at 58 ft-cd. A 45 second time delay prevents activation and de-activation from momentary light conditions. Does not come with device box, includes 1/2" threaded male fitting.

Model 81021 120VAC, 4800W photocell. Meets FAA/FCC requirements for obstruction lighting. Energized at 35 ft-cd and de-energized at 60 ft-cd. Time delay eliminates contact chatter. Contains dual 20A load contacts. Front plastic housing mounts to cast aluminum junction box (included).

Model 81022 Hazardous Location Photocontrol Unit. Outdoor lighting control for exterior lighting in hazardous locations: explosion proof, dust-ignition proof, and weatherproof. Nominal Voltage 50/60 Hz: 120/208/240/277. Voltage Range: 105-305. Housing: sand cast copper-free aluminum - epoxy powder coated.


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