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Heat Shrink Kits "HSK"

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Application and Description
The Heat Shrink Kit is a heat-shrinkable tubing for insulating and sealing electrical connections. The medium wall tubing is designed for a variety of low voltage cable applications where lighter weight and greater flexibility are important. The tubing is made from a thermally stabilized, modified polyolefin.

Why Our Heat Shrink Kit is Better
• Mechanical protection: high impact and abrasion resistance of tubing provides excellent mechanical protection. It also provides additional strain relief.
• Environmental seal: sealant provides excellent waterproofing and environmental protection in submersible and buried applications.
• Superior adhesion: thermoplastic adhesive will adhere to all standard plastic, elastomeric insulating material, lead, steel, aluminum and copper.
• Easy to install: when heated above 248°F (120°C), the tubing shrinks rapidly to seal and encapsulate electrical connections. This provides a fast, simple and clean insulation system. The tubing will not split or rupture during normal installation, even when overheated.

Technical Data:
• Dielectric strength: 350 V/Mil (ASTM D2671)
• Dielectric constant: 5.0 (ASTM D150)
• Temperature rating: -67°F to 194°F (-55°C to 90°C)
• Fluid resistance: Good to excellent (MIL-I-23053)
• Water absorption (Max): .1% (ASTM D570)


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