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Constant Current Regulator
Status Monitor

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Compliance and Applications
The constant current regulator status monitor continuously checks a series circuit for faults in the regulators and lamp loop. Figure A shows the unit sensing circuit parameters to establish reference signals. Monitored signals are then compared to the reference signals to drive pilot relays for fault indication. ON-OFF LAMP combinations are used to indicate system function and fault condition.

The unit can be used to retrofit L-828 regulators or ordered as an integrated regulator-monitor package under FAA specification L-829.

Why Our Monitor is Better
• Front cover mounted LED's for easy readout of circuit function and system status.
• Small size and light weight allow easy installation.
• Central test probe point and multiple position test switch, plus circuit board for technician use during setup and functional analysis.
• Lamp failure adjustment for 4 to 10 lamps normal mode and 1 to 5 additional lamps in the alternate mode.
• Fault detection in control tower in remote mode or at the monitor in local mode.
• Operational with control circuit lengths totaling 10,000 feet (3,000 meters) using number 19AWG (minimum) control cable.
• The top two brightness steps are adjustable for VA dropoff and lamp outage faults when monitored regulator is loaded at 50% to 100% of rated capacity.
• Fault monitoring of input power, open-circuit/overcurrent and brightness steps operate at all loads and current steps.
• False alarms limited by 5-second time delay built into fault monitoring for VA dropoff, brightness step failure and lamp outage.

• Rugged steel case finished with ANSI #61 light gray enamel.
• Wall or panel mounted.
• Knockouts for 1/2" and 3/4" conduit connectors.
• Continuous hinged door with single point latch.
• Control terminal block mounted on the bottom.
• Monitors either 6.6amp or 20amp regulator outputs.
• Monitor output contacts rating SPDT 2amp 120VAC/28VDC.
• Indoor operation at a temperature range of +32°F to +131°F (0°C to +55°C).

Regulator Troubleshooting


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