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atg airports (ALSTOM)
ZA202 Omnidirectional Semiflush
Taxiway and Runway Inset Edge Light

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Compliance and Applications
US Air Force AFR 88-1
ICAO Annex 14
US Navy NAVAIR 51-50AAA-2
FAA: Our ZA202 was specifically designed as a medium intensity taxiway and/or runway semiflush edge light. However, the FAA has no specification governing this application. This fixture performs better in these applications and is generally preferred to the frequently misapplied L852E specification, which is only applicable to taxiway centerline intersections (115W, yellow).

Why Our ZA202 is Better
• Meets L861 requirements with 45W lamp.
• Meets load test for L852 FAA AC 150/5345-46A, NATO Stanag 3316, ICAO Annex 14.
• L867, L868 or 8" mounting configuration.
• Decades of proven use.
• Reduced maintenance costs through use of off-the-shelf lamps and lamps that can be changed in the field.
• Pressure test plug for photometric chamber allows verification of moisture tight seal. This reduces maintenance costs by avoiding premature lamp outage and increases photometric performance by eliminating moisture clouding on the lens.
• Corrosion resistant powder coated finish.
• 6.6A fixture shipped with L823 plug lead.

Airport Applications
Used to replace elevated medium intensity taxiway and runway edge lights at locations where the lights are frequently knocked down by aircraft or maintenance vehicles. Taxiway or low intensity runway edge lights use 6.6A lamps.

ICAO Certificates
ZA202-45w-blue (PDF, 36KB)
ZA202-45w-PK30d-blue (PDF, 36KB)


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