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atg airports (ALSTOM)
ZA489 Series High Intensity
Inset Lights For Stop Bar and
Guard Light Applications:
FAA Compliant: L852S and L852G

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Compliance and Applications
FAA Compliant: L-852S and L-852G
(AC 150/ 5345-46B, AC 150/5340-28, AC 120-57A)

Stop bar lights and guard lights provide traffic control on taxiways intersecting an active runway and are required for all SMGCS operations under low visibility conditions.

System Features with SmartSwitch
• Communications via dedicated multi-drop serial link is completely independent of primary loop equipment. High speed screened single twisted pair fieldbus cable insulated to 5 kV.
• Provides monitoring at the individual fixture level.
• Expandable to support lead on light and other SMGCS functions.
• Supports L-804 elevated guard lights (flash, monitor and control).

Why Our ZA489-8 is Better
• The L-852S stop bar light is traffic signal red, and the L-852G guard light is traffic signal yellow, in accordance with ITE Standard for Vehicle Traffic Control Signal Heads.
• 8" sealed optical cartridge fits 12" adapter ring and is held with two stainless steel bolts for ease of maintenance.
• Lightweight and robust aluminum alloy construction.
• Prisms require no sealant.
• Pre-focused optics simplify maintenance.
• Pressure test plug ensures moisture-proof light cavity.
• Low profile: 0.47" (12mm) above grade.
• Long life halogen lamps: 3500 hours in normal use.
• L-852S and L-852G use interchangeable parts.

Specifications (ZA489-8)
• 6.6A from 100W, or 200W isolating transformer. Uses 1@105W lamp.
• Powder coat finish in golden yellow or NATO green. Stainless steel fasteners.
• Fixture net weight 31 lb. (14kg). Gross weight 33 lb. (15kg). Carton size 12.7 in. x 12.7 in. x 5 in. (323mm x 323mm x 127mm).

ZA489-8 Series unidirectional high intensity inset light.

Installation and Maintenance
Manual (PDF)

Stop Bar Configuration
A stop bar consists of a row of L-852S unidirectional in-pavement red lights that prohibits access to an active runway or taxiway. An elevated red light, L-862S, is set on each side of the taxiway at runway intersections. Stop bars are for low visibility operations.
Guard Light Configuration
Runway guard lights, L-852G, are alternating yellow in-pavement lights that may be individually controlled and monitored to provide for all-weather operation protection against runway incursions.


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