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Runway Edge Light

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Compliance and Applications
FAA AC 150/5345-46 L-860, L-861, L-862
ICAO Annex 14, fig A2-9 and A2-10
CAA CAP168, fig 6A/9, 6A/10 & Table 6A/1
BS3224 Part 4, elevated fittings

High intensity, bi-directional (with omni-directional component), elevated runway edge light for use in all weather operation installations up to ICAO category III systems.

Medium intensity, bi/uni-directional elevated threshold/end light.

• Choice of three mounting options:
- M32 threaded frangible (male threads)
- 25mm I/D (female threads) with side cable entry
- 25mm O/D (male threads) suitable for an FAA type frangible coupling
• Medium intensity, bi/uni-directional elevated threshold/end light.
• Outer glass dome molded in low expansion glass to resist thermal shock.
• Smooth outer glass surface resists build up of dirt and provides for easier cleaning.
• All sub-assemblies are keyed to simplify routine maintenance and ensure correct alignment.
• Robust corrosion resistant aluminum construction for strength and durability.
• Gimble mounting for ease of alignment and leveling.
• Screws are stainless steel.
• Silicon rubber gaskets seal the dome against ingress of liquids.
• Powder coat paint finish in golden yellow. All fasteners are stainless steel.
• IMM available on request.

• ZS022 sighting device (SLC30035) with adapter (SLC30038)
• Lamps:
J1/80 Pk30d 100W (SLC08057)
J1/83 Pk30d 150W (SLC08088)
J1/84 Pk30d 200W (SLC08089)
• 180° colored glass filters:
Red (SLC19076)
Yellow (SLC19108)
Green (SLC19030)
Blue (SLC19132)
• 180° blanking screen (SLC26010)
• Daylight marker cone kit.

Electrical Supply
Suitable for use in 6.6A airfield lighting circuits, normally supplied from either a 45W, 100W, 150W or 200W series circuit isolating transformer. Power consumption varies depending upon type of lamp fitted.

Packaging Data
Net weight: 3.97 lb. (1.8kg)
Gross weight: 4.4 lb. (2.0kg)
Carton size: 8.27" (210mm)(w) x 8.27" (210mm)(d) x 6.3" (160mm)(h)

ICAO Certificates
(PDF, 824KB)

Typical Installation Methods
• On a 8" (204mm) diameter ground mounting plate
• On a FAA L867 type base can
• On a ground mounting spike
• On a FAA type frangible coupling
• Other installation methods available on request


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