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Low Intensity
Elevated Lights
120 and 240 Volts
FAA Compliant L-860

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Low Intensity Elevated Lights
Low intensity constant voltage elevated runway and taxiway edge lights ("LIEL") mark the outlines of helipads, runways and taxiways and runway threshold and end. The fixture consists of a clear or colored Fresnel lens (globe) mounted on an aviation yellow powder coated cast aluminum lamp housing. The powdercoat finish complies with the US Military Standard Salt Fog Test conducted per MIL-STD-810E, Method 509.3, Procedure 1 for corrosion resistance. The lamp is secured by an O-ring seal and clamp band. The upper assembly mounts on a 1" EMT extension into the 1.5" NF aluminum breakable coupling. An optional 2" NPS breakable coupling is available. All of the hardware is stainless steel.

The LIEL may be mounted on a base plate or stake, sold separately. The light is furnished with wire leads for wiring in the field. Most of the replacement parts are compatible with other manufacturers; consult Flight Light with specific inquires. With a low initial cost and up to 8,000 hours rated lamp life (69W), the LIEL is the most economical light we offer.

Base Mounted
12" Base Plate
(sold separately)

Shallow Base Mounted
5" Shallow Base and 8.5" Base Plate
(sold separately)

Stake Mounted
30" Angle-Iron Mounting Stake
(sold separately)

Common Replacement Parts
Part Number Description
61-861B L861-Glass Blue
61-861C L861-Glass Clear
61-861Y L861-Glass Yellow
N/A Lexan Globes Available (call for details)
61-80001 L861-Clamp Band (stainless steel)
61-80002 L861-O-Ring Gasket
FL-FC1.5 L861-1.5" Frangible Coupling (metal)
FL-FC2.0 L861-2" Frangible Coupling (metal)
61-80004 Medium Base Socket
LA-97470 Lamp: 40 Watt, A19, 120V (1,500 rated life)
LA-15386IP Lamp: 60 Watt, A21, 230V (1,000 rated life)
LA-12496-1 Lamp: 69 Watt, A21, 120V (8,000 rated life)
LA-12833 Lamp: 116 Watt, A21, 120V (8,000 rated life)

Flight Light LIEL
(Shown on base plate, sold separately.)


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